The Final Frontier

You and Space Travel title page

You and Space Travel

Believe it or not, I found this among an active public library youth collection.  Seriously,  1951 on space travel.  Here I was griping about stuff on space from the early sixties or this one from the 1980s.  According to WorldCat, there are plenty of university collections with this title, but the shocker was how many public libraries have this one still in the catalog.  I can hear every kid in those youth science collections laughing at the totally hip librarians stuck in the 1950s.  Weed it and keep it for laughs, or to explain why we weed collections.


the rocket



  1. great illustrations, and surprisingly accurate information about multistage rocketry.

  2. “Could a rocket carry man beyond the atmosphere …?”

    Maybe. We might even go to the moon, or land a rover on Mars someday!

  3. Isn’t this interesting? In spite of its publication date, it has some accurate information, such as the multistage rocket and the possibility of building a space station. Weed it, of course, but — just, wow.

  4. Dsrail: yeah, it was probably a great choice for 1951. For 2013, not so much. (Insert usual disclaimer about how, yes, this should be archived somewhere, but no, the local public library is not that place.)

  5. Notwithstanding his recent election to office in Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett would be a cool pairing with this.

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