The End is Near

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I better read this book quickly. Evidently the end is near – or not so near, since it is 2017. (Although there has been a plague of insanity in the USA that makes me wonder.) Our guy Blackschleger has the world figured out. He has so many theories on everything: Atlantis, dinosaurs, brainwashing, eugenics, parenting, healthy living, and much more.  There is just no end to Herb’s expertise. He also uses CAPS LOCK and seems VERY SHOUTY. I felt tired just reading a few pages.

Herb has some nice rules for a healthy living including limiting sex, because you can get addicted! Herb really does have all the answers.


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brainwashing of the masses

eminent domain


healthy brains

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  1. The number of capitalized words and improper use of quotation marks is enough of an “avoid warning”.

  2. Where are earth do you find these books? The weirdest advice was to keep your smoking down to a pack a day because of pesticides.

  3. Pray the degree of health that you DESERVE? Jeepers. That’s a useful rule. Must go along with not weighing more than the average trained ape–and given his fascination with animals vs humans (seen in the child-raising tips), I assume he does mean a real ape that has been trained.

  4. I’ll note the about the author bit carefully leaves out what this guy studied in college and has a degree in.

  5. Speaking of dwarfed trees (which I believe are more commonly called Bonsai), it’s hard to comprehend that fully-developed trees were sacrificed so that something this insane could be printed.

    1. My brain must be dwarfed by the horrid sentence structure! How else could I have missed that VITAL POINT!!

  6. “Drink no liquids within 30 minutes of mealtime, except on random occasions.” I’ve got that covered. 30 minutes before mealtime, I roll a d12 to find out when to drink. I multiply the number rolled by 5, and drink that many minutes after the die roll. Thus, it is ALWAYS a “random occasion.”

  7. Googling reveals that one could once purchase “Herb Blackschleger’s Vivicosmic Disc Sold only for experimental use by ESP and Metaphysical Enthusiasts”.

    In addition, his name comes up in several arguments for the assertion that women only menstruate because of unhealthy eating and living.

  8. Okay, I’m calling you out.

    I demand proof this was ever on a public or academic library shelf any time in the last 25 years.

    This is Awful LIBRARY Books, not “Awful Books We Came Across.”

  9. I’m just saddened he’s probably not still with us–how he would have loved internet chat rooms!

  10. Ironic that “thousands of INTELLIGENT PERSONS are being driven to suicide and insanity each year” and he doesn’t count himself…

  11. I see he was in the Marines in the Second World War. Can you imagine being commanded by this maniac?

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