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Doctor: His Training and Practice: A Picture Story

Submitter: I found this book lurking on my shelves AGAIN – I’ve worked at two middle schools in the past 5 years, and I’ve had to weed this same horrendous book out of both libraries (What are the odds??).  I’m pretty sure I could learn how to be a better doctor from watching “Grey’s Anatomy” than reading this book.  At least they have women doctors on the show – they’re certainly not in the book!

Holly: It’s kind of a cool book, taken in its historical context.  Those pictures and the antiquated equipment they’re using are kind of interesting.  Is it suitable for a public library?  Definitely not!  Weed and move it to an archive or museum or something.

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  1. Aside from the title being completely outdated, my bet is that the entire contents are too. Oddly, I had a female doctor in 1964, when this book was published. They did exist, even back then – go figure! I think we need an updated companion book named “Doctor: HER training and practice”.

  2. Excutive?

    I showed my husband this, and he thought it was probably just as offensive back in its own day–at least to the female obstetrician (Chinese-American, yet!) who delivered him back in 1958.

  3. The “heart-lung machine” looks like something used to distill moonshine! Look! It even has a tupperware pitcher to collect the final product!

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