The Devil Made Me Do It!

If the Devil Made You Do it You Blew ItIf the Devil “made” you do it, you blew it!

If you remember, I resurrected an old title from 2009 and re-did the post. It’s your lucky day, I have yet another book from the same author.

I have included this lead off scenario about a kid robbing a McDonald’s and hanging around a bad crowd. This is what happens when you quit listening to your parents, quit going to church, and start doing drugs. I hope all of you are taking notes.


If the Devil Made You Do it You Blew It back cover

If the Devil Made You Do it You Blew It chapter 1

If the Devil Made You Do it You Blew It page 18

If the Devil Made You Do it You Blew It page 130

Demolishing the Devil's Lie


  1. “First off… you’ve got to remember that doubt is the Devil’s introduction to temptation”. Brilliant. I’m going to use this whenever my ideas are challenged!

  2. I grew up with these books and am still waiting for you to uncover the first in the series: “If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My Locker Open?”

  3. All my life I wanted to be known as the author of “If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My Locker Open?” Sigh. Lorraine beat me to it.

  4. Fired for inefficiency at Taco Bell!
    “If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Make A Burrito Supreme Faster?”

  5. Still trying to follow the logic on page 130. It seems to say that Biblical couples’ arrangements were OK because that was the culture of their time, and that God follows human marriage laws. Which would seem to destroy the whole argument this book is trying to make.

    1. Ha! Those are great.

      “Frustrated, I threw the book at my locker and it popped right open! I threw it at a few other lockers hoping to plunder what was inside, but nothing happened. I guess there’s only enough magic in each book for one locker. I wouldn’t recommend buying a used one because it may already be spent.”

      “A word of warning, I eventually gave up this practice of unlocking my locker after learning about the 1991 ruling by the Magisterium on the use of various unorthodox prayers for opening lockers.”

      I went to vacation Bible school at Bethany (it’s a church, K-12 school, and Bible college in addition to a publishing house). Remember the giant Oreos that existed for about 10 minutes in the 80s? I used to buy those in the bookstore with my dollar that was meant for the collection. So Lorraine’s wisdom didn’t work on me either.

  6. You can’t get your locker open because God doesn’t love you? Well God must have *really* hated me because my first year of junior high I had never used a locker before and couldn’t figure out how to operate a combination lock for at least a couple of months, other kids broke into my locker and stole from it, would scream out my combination constantly, and one time they goobered up the lock with their own saliva. I still have dreams at night where I’m leaving school for the day but don’t remember the combination or where my locker even is.

  7. At least this book acknowledges that neither the devil nor God can make us do anything because of free will. Unlike those who constantly try to scapegoat and blame one or the other.

    Still, I doubt anyone other than a Duggar would read this.

  8. Did the devil tell that poor blonde girl on the cover to have her hair cut into a mullet? I think I’d make an exception for that…

    On a more serious note, the story involving Jay only says he rebelled against his strict parents. They didn’t mention HOW they were strict though. While too much leniency with a kid can be bad, being too strict can be just as bad or sometimes even worse.

  9. As much as I always wanted to be a part of one of these Christian A-Teams….the Devil always s made me blow it.

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