The Deviates! Friday Fiction

The Deviates coverThe Deviates
(Formerly published as the Secret People)

A little science fiction blast from the past! In the not too distant future all reproduction is under the guise of the Genetics Bureau. Chief of the bureau, Robert Welton is creating a colony with the few normal women left. Of course they have his improved genes and live in a hidden colony in the Canadian wilderness. ¬†Of course this secret gets out and before you know it there is a hunt for the “secret people”. ¬†Deviates are to be feared.

I have only started this book, but so, far I am sold. Yes, I was seduced by the cover art in case anyone asks. (I am an easy mark for good covers.)



The Deviates back cover

Pages 10-11

The Deviates - attack



  1. This guy is the master of genetics and yet he’s started a secret reserve population that has zero genetic diversity on the Y chromosome!? Doesn’t exactly put the ‘science’ in ‘science fiction.’

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