The Dating Game for Christian Teens

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The Dating Game

If you are old enough you probably looking at the cover and expecting the book to be about the actual Dating Game. Similar font and general look. However, this Dating Game is directed at young people. Although the author is self-professed biblical fundamentalist, it isn’t as bad as some books in this category.

If this was 1975, and you were looking for a Christian teen dating book, this would probably be fine. Themes and topic aside, these materials age because the references and examples. Today’s teens (and their parents) probably wouldn’t understand or relate to any of the references. By the mid 1970s the Dating Game tv show was more or less relegated to re-runs and was kind of outdated reference for a teen book in 1975.


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  1. Other than the “God #1!” part, pp. 56-7 are still pretty good guidelines for just about anybody — but not just for “him”.

    1. Leftie feminist atheist here, and that was exactly what I thought. In fact, other than point one, that is basically a list of what I am looking for in someone. I like that the writer acknowledges sex and appearance are an important factor in marriage.

  2. Actually, this book is a lot better than the stuff I was reading in the nineties when I was in high school and college.

    The typical sentiment either de-emphasized physical attraction (at best) or conflated it with lust (at worst). This led to my first marriage to someone who was nice, but not appealing to me in the slightest.

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