The Cycle Jumpers

cycle jumper cover

The Cycle Jumpers

It’s time for another Evel Kneivel book. This little paperback is still alive and kicking at a library. This paperback should have been weeded on condition, and evidently the owning library taped it enough to survive a nuclear war. I can’t believe it wasn’t weeded when libraries were went to computers in the mid 1990s. It also has an RFID tag. I would be willing to bet the tag cost more than the book. My favorite part is the blurb on the back cover that says “exciting black and white photos”.

Remember, paperbacks are not intended to last 50 years. This is also geared to kids. Why rescue a paperback that won’t get any play from the kids. Maybe they can read it with Grandma and Grandpa.



back cover

the king and the kid

Evel sayings



  1. Sell it to Grandpa in the next book sale (or online).

    Use the RFID tag for something from this century.

    1. Ask Grandpa to come in and read it to the children, with explanations about black and white pictures, boxy cars, 140,000 USD in 1974, and other things they may ask about like pay phones.

      The RFID tag can go in the purse/briefcase of the responsible person to alarm whenever they walk into the library so everyone will STARE AT THEM when they come in because they did a wrong thing (cw hyperbole).

  2. …My favorite part is the blurb on the back cover that says “exciting black and white photos”….

    Well, we all well know that today even very many color graphic images are hardly exciting let alone worth the time we spend scrolling through.

    Like jumping down the rabbit hole for more chum…. or as Jim Gaffigan says about bad cheese, you keep eating it hoping it gets better and it doesn’t and you still keep eating it.

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