The COVID-19 Post

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Last week I got hundreds of emails about COVID-19 from every vendor telling me they have a plan and they care deeply about me. Almost every website I read regularly has some kind of COVID-19 plan. So here is mine:

Mary’s ALB COVID-19 Plan

  • Limit the amount of news I am consuming
  • Increase the amount of M&Ms I am consuming
  • Delete emails from vendors and others about their COVID-19 plans
  • Watch some cat videos

COVID-19 has thrown everything out of order for me. (I promise to be better in the next pandemic.) I have a handful of posts left and a few library specific posts for National Library Week. So until further notice, we are reducing the number of posts per week until I can get back into the catalog or think of something clever to post in its place. If any of you have some candidates hiding out in your personal weeds, bring out your dead and share them with us. Click on the Submissions tab on the main menu to find out more.

For the record, Holly and I are doing just fine, health-wise. We hope you and yours are staying healthy and safe.

Mary and Holly


  1. I’m not a librarian just someone who really enjoys your blog and through it has learned a lot about how libraries work. You do what you need to to stay safe, sane and healthy. I’ll still be reading. 🙂

  2. Yeah right, they “care” about us. Like to know where all that caring was *before* the Coronapocaylpse officially began.

    Limiting the amount of news is definitely a good idea, and it’s what’s helped me to stay at least functionally insane. Especially when much of the news is fake, like the swans and dolphins swimming around in Venice. They’re using animals to get us overemotional, and that is just plain evil.

    1. Seriously? That was not real, what I saw in the NYT (I think)? Or is this humor that I am not getting…

  3. This sounds like a very solid plan. Fortunately or unfortunately, my library is quite well weeded, since I have been following your blog for years. Also, I can’t get to any of my books, since the school is closed. Take care.

  4. I hear you about all those vendor emails. But, I do read them — I got a few pleasant surprises, such as student loan payment deferment without penalty, and 15% off my car insurance for April and May. (I already paid, so they will be sending me a check!)

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