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Loving a Younger Man coverLoving a Younger Man
How Women Are Finding and Enjoying a Better Relationship

Ladies! Here is your very own manual on how to date a younger man. The author is NINE years older than her husband. Yikes! How can she live with the shame?

The author thinks that younger men are a great untapped market. She interviews couples and presents anecdotal evidence of happy relationships. Sex seems to be the overriding concern. “I will be too old and sag in places, while he is young and virile!”

Older women married to younger men is common in my family (on both sides) going back a couple of generations, so maybe I am not the one to comment. Regardless, these self help books always sound dated after awhile. In this case, the pages are actually that yellow. Weed it on condition. (It does seem old and sagging).


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Sex with a younger man



  1. My mother always said women should marry younger men, since they die first! I guess statistically she meant men die younger, so if you marry one the same age, he will die before you. I think her feelings were based on marrying a man 8 years older, and having him die. You just never can tell…

    But, my son married at age 20 a woman 26. That isn’t much, and neither is the author’s 9 years. It does raise the question of kids though, since the woman may not be able to wait as long. In my son’s case, they are now 30 and 36, and don’t want kids. If they did, they would have to start soon, and he is still in graduate school.

    My niece married a man a few years younger, and my mother quoted her belief. But, when my son married, she said “I didn’t mean Tim!”

    I don’t see why the author feels a younger man would be more likely to share an older woman’s interests though. An age gap usually means less in common, less to relate to. Such as music, literature, politics, history!

  2. Where’s the handbook for those of us who only find older men attractive? Especially a section dealing with the whole “You have daddy issues/you’re a gold digger/you’ll end up changing his diapers” comments.

  3. Wow, what a book! I find it a little odd though, in the question section, that the woman would hypothetically have a problem with her hypothetical son being with an older woman when she herself is in that situation.
    Actually, my boyfriend is 6 months younger than me, which isn’t much, but it’s funny when people just assume he’s a few years older than me. We are both 21, and once when we bought some alcohol the cashier asked for my ID, but not his! I thought that was a little odd. He could have been a minor and I could have handed it to him as soon as we got outside ­čśŤ
    Its funny how the idea that the man should be the older one in a couple is entrenched in some people’s minds.
    By the way, I’m new to this site and love it! I always wished my school libraries would keep newer and nicer books, though that wasn’t always possible. Thanks for the laughs ­čÖé

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