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Submitter: I found this 2000 travel guide while weeding the children’s collection in my public library the other day and…a lot has changed in NYC over the past 21 years! For example, the public pay-phones mentioned in this guide are now $1 for a three-minute call and there are only four of them left in NYC. Subway tokens were decommissioned in 2003. Time and the pandemic have shuttered numerous restaurants listed under the guide’s handy Places to Eat section. And yes, the biggest glaring issue with this book now is its double-page feature on the scenic World Trade Center. This is why we frequently review travel guide collections! I have been working at this branch for 3 months now and the sad thing is, the record for this book shows that it did in fact circulate this past year. At the worst, that WTC page might have proved deeply traumatic for a patron, and at best, it made our branch look lax and out-of-date. I’m really embarrassed this book remained in our collection for 21 years without anyone flagging it!

Holly:¬†Good catch! These Dorling Kindersley travel books are awesome…when they’re from this decade.

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  1. Good for the submitter, doing the work that should have been done years (or decades) ago. This should have been pulled on Sep. 12, 2001, or at least in a 2002 review of the collection.

    Submitter, may all your weeding be blessed.

  2. Look instead for the tall … things? … that you can get free WiFi from for calling. And don’t assume any type of book is “always good” – some need shorter cycles, all need a cycle for review.

  3. This says there were over 8,000 payphones in March 2015. Has it really gone down to four in the past 7 years?
    Ah, it’s four phone booths, totally enclosed booths:
    The open-air payphones are being converted to link stations:

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