The Bandit Bares It

Burt Reynolds coverBurt Reynolds Hotline: The Letters I Get…and Write!

Submitter: I don’t know if this is still on any shelves, but it’s pretty awful, especially the “rear” photo.

Holly: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!  Burt was 36 years old when he wrote this.  I am 36 years old, and somehow he seems a lot older in this picture (butt notwithstanding…).

Update 9/7/2018: You can see additional pictures on the follow up post here: Bandit Bares Even More

Burt's butt

  1. Ok, I’m done giggling now. I wonder if it includes the naked Cosmo picture. It was in the April 1972 issue. (internets are fun!)

  2. The wrestling singlet he’s wearing on the cover is just bizarre–even for the seventies.

  3. Holy butt-cheeks, Batman!

    At first I thought this book was from a vanity press (which would be fitting) but Signet is a major house, right?

    Burt may look old, but that’s because the pop culture perception of attractiveness since the 70s has skewed to very young. He may need some undies there but he’s pretty hot!

  4. Not to mention the woman’s pose!
    The whole thing is just cringe-worthy–and nobody’s going to convince me that this sort of thing ought to be *archived*.

  5. I’m old enough to remember when Burt Reynolds was a huge star and considered so sexy because he was so hairy. There wasn’t a movie he made in the 1970s that didn’t include him standing shirtless at some point. I actually have that Cosmo centerfold somewhere. If you haven’t seen it before, be forewarned–you don’t see any “naughty bits.”

    As for the book–weed now!

  6. Oh. my. goodness. how awful. actually, the word that came to my mind was “ick.”

    But my colleagues at the Reference Desk and I had a good time laughing about this one!

  7. I actually like the way he’s parodying a “girl in bikini” pose on the back cover–using the masculine equivalent symbols of football and jersey. It’s hard to imagine a current sex symbol being relaxed and confident enough to do that.

    Don’t get me wrong. The book’s a weeder.

  8. There’s something terribly wrong with Burt Reynolds baring his tushie! Excuse me, I have to go and scrub my mind’s eye.

  9. So how were the letters?
    Oh. Nobody actually read the letters, did they? They should’ve just made it a photo book.

  10. Where’s the stationery and feather pen? That’s no pack of envelopes–whoo-hoo!

    1. He could have posed in half a postman’s uniform–or just the cap and shoulder bag!

  11. The funny thing is: Burt still thinks he’s as hot as women thought he was then.

  12. Burt Reynolds is slated to guest on an upcoming episode of “Burn Notice.” Be forewarned, in the commercials he doesn’t look well.

  13. I’d just like to point out that some of us (read: pink team) definitely still find Burt as pictured here nothing less than smokin’.

    That smile, butt, and hairy chest are a killer triumverate… Too bad he clearly likes the ladies. So much that he writes books about it.

    1. No, I’m totally with you – and about 85% of the time I bat for the OTHER other team!

  14. Part monkey from the back view…this is the same year he posed for Playgirl,I think. Whenever I see a picture of him,I can’t the the song from Deliverance out of my head…

  15. It was a big “secret” I think, but even then I believe he was wearing a hair piece…on his skull.

  16. I don’t get why some of you are so grossed out. Granted, Burt’s not my type – I don’t care for facial hair. However, he’s still a pretty good looking guy. (And wasn’t he awesome as God in The X-Files?)

    You’ve got to think about it like you think about paintings of big fat naked chicks. In the time of those paintings, fat chicks like me were seen as beautiful and even sexy. So even though today sexy is defined as a woman so skinny and flat she could pass for a 12 year old prepubescent boy, people don’t get all grossed out and say “EW!” about those paintings of naked fat women. They stand back and understand that at the time, those women could’ve been Miss Universe.

    Same with Burt. In the time he became popular, the way he looks was considered sexy. So therefore, putting it in the context of time, instead of saying “EW!” you should be saying, “What a nice piece of the modern history of male beauty.”

  17. I could live without the man onesie in the first picture, but the 2nd pic is kinda hot! And this book is almost as old as me!

  18. I’ll scan more from the book when I get a chance. There are further disturbing pictures and “letters” inside the book.

  19. Blathering, I’m with you. I am so intrigued now. I searched for it on a “free” booksite even. No joy though. This is funny stuff.

  20. Seeing the comments on here from what appear to be straight women and on the other page where this was reposted with more photos of him showing more of his body, it now makes sense why some men (more so bisexual men) prefer men as sexual partners or even stray! It seems most of the gay men I know admire body hair and even praise hyper-masculinity, yet straight women seem to find it repulsive. Makes me wonder if “straight” women who find the Burts of the world repulsive might be secretly lesbian! Women, listen up: men have body hair, sometimes lots of it and in Burts case, he wasn’t even that hairy! I have seen worse and yes, it CAN be repulsive in excess, especially back hair, but Burt just is like most normal men; newsflash… we have body hair! And so do most women, including mustaches (or as women call it; upper lip hair?). So get over it ladies. You will push men away with your attitudes. Enough said.