The Bandit Bares Even More

Burt Reynolds naked

When we posted Burt Reynolds Hotline a few weeks ago, a few commenters asked for more from the inside of the book.  Our submitter heard your call and has come through for us!  Here are more pictures from within the book  “Burt Reynolds Hotline: The Letters I Get…and Write!” by Burt Reynods, copyright 1972.



Burt Reynolds with women

Burt Reynolds butt

Burt Reynolds letter

Burt Reynolds letter

  1. I so wish that I had not just looked at this. At work. At the library. The not-quite muffled snort I just made got me some looks….

    1. That perfectly describes what my coworker and I just experienced! Wow…these are unbelievable!!

  2. Back in the day, my mom probably was turned by this. I know- gross, but it’s true. Think about it.

    Now, when ever your parents argue that things have changed for the worse, point this out.

  3. The hair. I just can’t get past the hair. That appears to be, well, everywhere. And I have to admit I clicked on the bigger version of that first image to figure out exactly what the heck he was sitting on. Things looked … awkward.

  4. It’s the cigar or cigarette he’s chewing on in every shot that gets me. He must smell/taste like an ashtray…

  5. Is it just me, or does the “girl” in the first photo look like she just wishes the shot was done?
    This is scary stuff!

  6. That is just so WRONG. It’s interesting evidence for changing styles in men’s appearance though–back then hairy was good. Now men shave their chests (which is also just wrong).

      1. My brother Paul is extremely hairy and so is his son, Branden. Both of them occasionally have their girlfriends wax their backs because they say they’re less sweaty and itchy when that hair is gone.

        In fact, a friend of my mom’s had a son who was extremely hairy and he had to shave for the swim team. He found that by being shaved he used 50% less deodorant then when he was hairy.

  7. I hear that straight shots of vermouth are good for dry-cleaning one’s brain.

    Gah. Just Gah. All of it, but especially the football shot. As others have said before me. The hairy hair. The cigars. Ewh.

  8. Aw, come on. What’s nice about this book is that it’s done with such a sense of humor–not with a straight face. Unlike the tediously earnest style that a book for a leading-man’s fans would have nowadays.

    Not that it shouldn’t be weeded, because I can’t imagine it circulates much today!

  9. I have to give the guy (or his staff) credit – he was nice to the gay guy who wrote in. How many MANLY MEN types in the 70s would have been?

  10. If I ever finish ROTFLing, then I’ll comment again. But I’ll say this for now: the butt-exposing football catch is CLASSIC!

  11. Haha, could you imagine if he were young, new, and famous today? Hardly anyone would go for that! The hairy thing just…doesn’t do it.
    It takes a real man to play football without pants (shudder)

    1. What gets me about that last photo is imagining how it ever got taken in the first place. I’m sure it wasn’t a candid, but how did that photo shoot go? Did the photographer/PR guy say, “OK, Burt, now you’re going to take off your pants and act like you’re playing football bare-ass”? Or did Burt say, “Let’s do some football shots now!” and take off his pants, leaving the photographer to stare in horror? Was the whole thing planned out in advance, or did it (somehow) spontaneously evolve out of the shoot? In either case, was alcohol involved?

      Regardless–and this is the thing I just can’t handle–at least two people, Burt and the photographer, were involved in this thing, which means that at some point, *someone* involved in the proceedings had to suggest the Pantsless Football Concept to the other participant(s).

  12. After much delighted ROTFLing, I’m back. Thank you AWL, for brightening my day. I’m sure what passes for sexy now will look just as ridiculous thirty years from now.

    But gotta say, pic #3 looks really uncomfortable.

  13. Nice nipple shot in that second photo spread – a little warning would have been nice!

  14. Well, I guess men’s little tushies all look the same except for the amount of hair I have a little photo of my grand son that looks a lot like the football photo.

  15. I have to say I still don’t get why some of you are so grossed out.

    Yes, I don’t care for overly hairy men and I’d want Burt to trim all over to about a half inch or shorter length – still hairy enough to look like a man rather then a little girl, but better groomed. However he’s got a pretty decent body and I don’t find anything gross. At least his private bits are covered.

    I’ll give that the cancer sticks – that’s disgusting but that’s also the 70s. They weren’t as aware of the health risks or the fact that smoking can make men impotent back then. So I can forgive him for that back then. Now adays I’d smack it out of his mouth.

    I’d rather look at Burt then Brad Pitt or Mathew Mc-what’shisface – both of whom are known for NOT bathing daily and NOT using antiperspirant. (Just ask Tina Fey about Matt.) I don’t like men who reak of BO. Burt’s not known for smelling bad.

  16. I think he looks hot.

    But then I find the hairless trend makes men look like disturbingly young boys.

  17. I think he looks pretty good, too. Why are people so grossed out by body hair? It’s natural and there’s no reason to get rid of it. I’m female and stopped shaving my legs a year ago. Wish more women felt comfortable enough to do the same, frankly = )

    1. Ug. I hate the feeling of leg hair rubbing against my clothing.

      Sorry but removing the hair makes me feel good. I LOVE the way clothing, bed sheets, and even the breeze feels on freshly shaved legs. It’s a wonderful sensation. Like taking my bra off after a long day. (Nudists are missing out. There is a sheer heavenly feel there.)

      I shave my legs for me because it feels SO GOOD.

  18. he’s got that same silly little ‘aint i just a devil?’ look in EVERY SHOT. but then, come to think, that was his only exppression in all his movies.

    its weird to read all these negative female reactions to ol’ burt…because back in the mid 70s, man; he was IT. women went crazy for him.

    burt, paul newman and robert redford…the main dudes.

  19. Tee Hee! Thanks ALB, it’s funny cuz it’s true. Hairy + corny = hilariously sexy.

  20. Wow, I guess no generation has a monopoly on narrow-mindedness. Yes, Burt was considered a hunk back in the day, but his biggest attraction? His sense of humor. He always seemed to be able to laugh at himself and his own image. Reading his letters is a reminder that it’s possible to be funny without making fun of people.

  21. I don’t understand the supposed ick-factor here. I think these shots of Burt are both hunky and hilarious, and I’m totally down with the body hair!

  22. You’re the experts, but my guess is that this book would, while perhaps not get actually checked out, receive many thumb-throughs if it were brought to the attention of library users.

    Cannonball Run, yo!

  23. I’m so grateful for your original post on this book. My husband’s business partner loves Burt Reynolds and just got married. I ordered this book from Amazon (and yes, okay, one for us as well…) and put a Crate & Barrel gift card in it. Perfect.

  24. That chair totally makes me think of one of my favourite scenes in Arrested Development.

    Narrator: Buster was finding himself right at home.
    Buster: Oh, my God! I used to have a shirt just like that.
    Narrator: It was Buster’s old shirt. Lucille had given it to Lupe.
    Buster: And the hand chair! I had one in my room! I wonder where that went.
    Narrator: It went right there.
    Buster [touching his hand chair]: I’d never thought I’d miss a hand so much.

    (The joke is multilayered, like all AD jokes are, but the most hilarious part is that Buster actually lost his literal hand in a tragic accident with a seal… uh, you kind of had to be there.)

    Back on topic: this book is ridiculous but I have so much affection for Burt Reynolds after seeing how kind he was to that gay man. The fan who wrote the letter was clearly nervous and vulnerable, and Reynolds called him a “friend.” That’s pretty amazing for 1972, and to me, it makes up for all the silly poses in this book.

  25. Burt was King of sexy back in the 70’s. He owned a small playhouse in Jupiter, FL and I had the opportunity to deal with him, he was extremely kind and generous. He laughed at himself and his popularity. Hairy was in, and for some of us it still his.