The Art of Loving

Art of Loving coverThe Art of Loving

Submitter: This book was submitted into our library as a donation. Due to its age it won’t be joining the collection. First published in 1954 and later again in 1974 (this is that edition) it’s your standard love and romance psychology book. However, there are plenty of newer books on this topic and ones that deal with a more diverse set of couples.

Holly: This is a classic! That doesn’t make it right for every collection, though. Keep where interest warrants; weed where folks have moved on. I’d pass on a donation of this title as well. If you had nothing else to complement this on the more modern theories of love and relationships, I’d definitely pass. If you like to keep classics on hand and also have modern approaches, by all means keep it.


Love in all its aspects

Is Love an art?

infantile love


  1. Fromm was a very important thinker, and I’m sure if he was still around and rewrote the book today, it’d be great.

    But Wikipedia tells me he died in 1980, so this needs to go into the book sale. It looks to be in good condition so someone will buy it. An academic type, probably.

    The underlined passage is still true.

  2. The shape of the ends of the lowercase-m glyph in Fromm on the cover is exasperating me. Since it isn’t _in_ the collection and is a paperback (easy recycle), I’m not upset over the writing inside.

  3. Apparently it’s considered important enough to republish as my system has copies republished in 2000. But obviously don’t add an old copy like this. Look for a reprinting.

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