Thanksgiving Fiction for the Kids

smashed potatoes

Smashed Potatoes
and other Thanksgiving Disasters

Someone had to remind me that this week is Thanksgiving week. It is one of my favorite holidays since it really requires nothing but some turkey and the Detroit Lions failing to win a football game. Usually we post fiction on a Friday, but since I have a Thanksgiving title, we will be featuring this one before the holiday.

This one is for the middle elementary set. The family is preparing for the holiday when Mom is called away to help a relative who is ill. Mom sets a reservation at a local place since she won’t be there to cook. (Evidently, Dad is too incompetent to cook as well.) Megan decides this isn’t how they should do Thanksgiving dinner and cancels the reservation. She is going to step up and cook. Of course, nothing goes to plan and Megan realizes her dinner is fast becoming a disaster. However, she eventually realizes that Thanksgiving is really about family togetherness.

Not a bad choice. There really aren’t a lot of contemporary fiction choices for the middle grade/upper elementary age group that feature a Thanksgiving theme. It kind of feels like someone decided we needed a fiction book that featured Thanksgiving, and the premise feels forced.


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  1. Did Megan try to make any of those recipes from the cookbook from the other day?

    Nah, these people are religious and I’m sure a few of those recipes were from Satan.

  2. The plot is highly unlikely. What child is that sentimental about family tradition?

    I never wanted to cook Thanksgiving dinner as a kid – and neither did any of my friends! Or any other child I encountered, for that matter. If a kid ever actually did what Megan did, I’d check them carefully for marks indicating they were an android or alien.

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