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It's time for Thanksgiving

It’s Time For Thanksgiving
Sechrist and Woolsey

As we start heading into November, I thought I would share this little holiday gem that had not left the shelf in at least 20 years. It might have been longer than that, but the library automated in 1995 so what happened before is anyone’s guess.

This book is actually done by 2 youth librarians and is perfect for anyone wanting to have some themed ideas for a preschool or story time —in the 1950s. It has skits, crafts, poems, and stories that are perfect for a story time or teacher led program. I have a feeling these librarians assembled their best stuff and wrote a book for their fellow youth librarians. This was the 1950s equivalent to a Pinterest board or story time ideas blog.

I think it needs to be retired just on the fact that a few crafts depend on using hatpins.


It's time for Thanksgiving back cover

It time for Thanksgiving inside flap

Thanksgiving play

corn games


  1. I recommend playing “trip to the emerency room” after “spear the popcorn” if this was palyed with my mother’s antique hatpins. They are serous weapons.

  2. I looked up the link to Hatpins, and it said they were once sometimes used by women as weapons of self-defense against men. They ended up making the pins shorter so that men could assault, torture, abuse, and generally try to break the spirit of suffragettes without them having a weapon to fight back. I don’t think small children should be playing around with any kind of pins, although I did teach myself how to hand-sew at an early age.

    1. Oh-ho! Find an excuse to get hat pins back in fashion, make them longer again, and that’ll teach those power guys to keep their filthy hands to themselves !

  3. I clearly remember reading the book riding in the way back of a station wagon facing the wrong way, over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving dinner in 1965 (it was old then) .

  4. what’s a Thanksgiving favor?
    somewhat off the point but I would love to hang out with a bunch of cocker spaniels and cats and lambs and ducks.

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