Terrible Titles and Crappy Covers

As time runs out on 2016, we include these last few titles to round out our lists of the best of the worst.  Think of this list as the “Miss Congeniality” list of ALB’s best of the worst. We had all sorts of extras that needed acknowledgement but didn’t make the cut to our original lists.

So enjoy this and here is to a healthy, happy 2017 for everyone!

Mary and Holly




Fix Your Nerves with Jesus

Freedom From Fear cover

On All Fours

God The Rod and your child’s bod

Goe the Rod and Your Child's Bod cover

Getting High

getting high

Sexy Therapy


what would jesus craft? cover


  1. Just realized I should put this on its own instead of as a reply to another person- whoops 🙂

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    New visitor here! I love what I’ve seen so far! This last one seemed off, though: The WWJC book is obviously meant to be humorous (looked it up just to be sure :)), so it’s weird to include here. All the others seem funny and genuine, but now I can’t know. Can you put disclaimers on any other books that were published ironically or with humor in mind?

  2. The Junior Prom book makes sense to me. Wildfire has a sister series, Sunfire. I’ve read all of them and they’re all over-the-top 80’s fiction.

  3. I wonder if A. A. Allen and Barbara A. Allen are related. Does writing kinda-terrible-seeming books run in the family? (Also, the woman on the first cover looks more nervous on the right than on the left. I’m pretty sure this was not the intent…)

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