Telemarketing: Magic or Evil?

telephone magic

Telephone Magic
How to Tap the Phone’s Marketing Potential in Your Business

This book is all about telemarketing to increase your business success. Evidently, this guy must have been one of the people that started us on the path to robo calling and all sorts of other awful phone technologies. Given the topic, my first instinct is to pull the book, set in on fire, and then grind the ashes into the ground. Excuse my personal tantrum on the evils of telephone abuse that have been heaped upon me since I was old enough to hold a phone.

My personal issues aside, obviously this book is outdated. Marketing is a legitimate topic for a business collection, but what worked in 1987 is probably not appropriate in 2020. Maybe there is value in an archive of some kind, but even back in 1987, some of these strategies seem beyond the small business owner.


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  1. This is an emotional topic, I literally just got off the phone with a rude telemarketer who wanted to argue with me when I asked them not to call me again.
    That said, possibly your emotion explains two mistakes in the post. First, “telemarketing to increase you business success” should read “*your marketing success.”
    Second, you seem to have posted pages six and seven twice.

    1. Fixing now! Thanks. Aside from the emotions, I just am really bad at proof reading. 🙂

  2. One good thing about moderns phones, they don’t have lasers shooting out and into your eyeballs. The cover alone is hurting my eyes.

  3. I think the problem stems from two things:
    1) Marketing is indeed a legitimate topic for a business collection;
    2) Abusive telephone marketing is never appropriate.

    So, you can still demolish the book for reasons other than its age and crappy appearance!

  4. Top of page 6 mentions electronic offender monitoring in the early years. I’m sure some telefraudsters should be prevented from coming _within_ 200 to 300 feet of their phone.

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