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Tooth Survival Book coverThe Tooth Survival Book
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I think it is a  great idea for there to be a book about dental care for kids.  I don’t know how much is different in terms of dental care since 1977, so we shouldn’t weed based on age alone.  My gripe is that the illustrations are a bit creepy. (I am totally willing to own my dental anxiety, and frankly these pictures don’t really ease my mind)

First we have the decay picture.  Okay, I get it. (Reminds me of the fungus in that commercial or the cartoon mucus in the other commercial.) Not really fond of this, but I can live with it.

But now we have the example of the root canal!

YIKES! That drill doesn’t look scary at all! This visual about killed me. I can’t imagine kids finding any comfort in the giant drill scraping away the insides of the tooth.  By the way, is a root canal a common procedure for a kid? Anyway, I am all for dental hygiene and having materials available for kids on all matters dental.  I do know that pain and fear management has come a long way in dental care.  I used to dread any procedure way back in the day.  Now my dentist gives me a nice Xanax pill and headphones and I am no worse for wear.

Smile pretty everyone!


tooth diagram

bone abscess in tooth


  1. That’s no drill, though it looks sort of like one. With my eagle sharp vision, and three months spent cataloguing for the NHS a few years ago, I can tell that it’s actually some kind of endodontic file, which is probably not any more reassuring to the reader.

  2. Perfect timing! Just as we move into the holidays, with all the tempting sweets, here come these scary drawings.

  3. it’s definitely a file, not a drill, and i had a root canal when i was 16. um, i probly could have used this book, as a child.

  4. Books on tooth decay is a good thing. However, this one is not a good book.
    May I, most humbly, recommend _Karius and Bactus_ instead, by the Norwegian author Thorbjørn Egner? Sure, it is ancient (from 1949), but the story is solid and the moral is impeccable (although you might end up getting sympathy for the poor tooth trolls who are left homeless and hopeless on a tiny raft in the middle of the ocean at the end).


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