Teens: Design your own room!

Design Your Own Room coverDesigning Your Own Room

I can appreciate having a teen book focusing on decorating and design. Art, craft and design books are usually a hit at most public libraries. This one is NOT that book. I am not even sure it was that book in 1977. As a teenager in the 1970s, I did have a passing interest in a canopy bed, but having 3 sisters puts a damper on a family budget and bedroom space. So, no to canopy beds.

Decorating books are really quite interesting and give everyone a peek into what was considered “fashionable” back in the day. As a teen in the 1970s, I am here to tell you no one I knew had rooms like this.


Plaid wallpaper

wood slat walls

canopy bed

sewing machine desk

shadow boxes


  1. Black and white images in a design book from 1977 is unacceptable. We would have weeded this one decades ago.

    If you are in a design school like ours, it does not hurt to keep a few period books from those decades in design. But just a few. There are plenty of full color ones that are way better to keep.

  2. I was in Jr. High in the 70s, and part of Home Ec. was a class that included home decoration and room design. A lot of the materials were sponsored and provided by companies like Hallmark (a film on decorating with ribbon) and Ethan Allen (a furniture company). These rooms look a lot like those, and a lot like what we were expected to design. Of course, my dream room included the upper trunk and branches of a tree, with seats and book-cases carved into it. Dream big or go home!

    Who could possibly live in that first room? And what’s with the dinner party set up on the desk where you can only pull in one of the awkward chairs?

  3. I think my 4th-grade teacher had this book in her classroom library in 1984-85. I remember loving it, although the book I remember seemed older than 8 years then, so maybe it was a different one.

  4. I love retro design (and cook) books! 🙂 But yeah, the black & white really defeats the purpose even if it weren’t outdated 🙁

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