1. No,I think she owns the car and for punishment,he’s washing it. Actually you’re trying to punish us for posting this!

    My first car? 1973 Volkswagon Beetle.
    Recent antique car I drive and fix: 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback(grocery getter) and for gas sipping it’s 2007 Toyota Corolla,I guess I like smaller cars.

  2. It is an article of faith where I live, (redneckville where a first car is never new and often no car is ever new) that a first car is NOT EVER “safe, reliable and trouble free.” That’s the fun part.

  3. LOL my parents actually gave me a second hand copy of this when I got my first car. And that was in 1998!

    That said, I seem to recall the book did have some helpful, yet basic, information, such as checking your brakes regularly, and changing your oil, etc.

  4. Dana Plato? no…… Kristi McNichol absolutely! I can even see this being lifted from a still shot of the old ‘Family’ TV show.