Teen Legal Rights for the 1990s

Teen Legal Rights cover

Teen Legal Rights
A Guide for the ’90s

Some books are so obvious to weed. This one practically has a neon sign over it saying “weed me!”

When you are my age the 1990s seem like yesterday. In terms of a public library teen collection, the 1990s should be considered ancient history. A good rule of thumb: books should be no older than the teens, and definitely not older than parents of teens.

Just like medical info, legal information has a very short shelf life. Holly and I both proponents of weeding by walking around (aka low effort weeding). Visit your collections and just take a brief look at the collections. (I mean no more than 5 minutes.)

You will be surprised at the number of titles that will be obvious weeds. No reports, no carts, no organization necessary. Don’t over think this or turn it into a major project. Limit yourself to a handful of items at a time. No, this is not a solution for an collection overhaul or major weeding project. Just grab the low hanging fruit as you walk around the library as part of your daily work.

Weed away,


I realized after I published this post we had already done this book. You can see the other post here.
My apologies!

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  1. Bottom of p. 74, New York has recently (past year or less) forbade workplace rules about types of hairstyle because they were seen as being used as a proxy for race.

  2. I take it the librarians with the charge to order new books for medical advice and legal rights can do that reordering after strolling through the weeds, yanking them up and out.

    Teens should be advised in these books to report abuse as it happens; counselors see that these children report abuse not until they’re in their late 50s! Haven’t there been just TOO MANY children abused who kept it silent and are now adults? I think books need to stress to not keep silent but to report always. And keep talking until someone listens and acts.

    These books need to encourage respect for self and others as well as knowing one’s rights.

  3. I remember checking this book out as a teen in the early 00s. It felt dated then.

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