Teen Diet Cookbook

teen diet cookbook

The Teenage Surefire Diet Cookbook

As diet books, this one is pretty boring. I can’t imagine that any teen would pick up this book.

The advice is pretty generic and emphasizes portion size. Typical advice is drinking water, and exercise. The author frequently invokes an “act like a thin person” advice. Even though the author inserts healthy objectives, the real message is that thin equals good. I doubt anyone really needs this book. Time to let it go.


back cover diet book

inside flap

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  1. That “did you know” list is a bizarre jumble of half-useful points mixed with utter nonsense. I am 61 kgs (135 pounds) and often eat whilst watching telly!

    1. That is a low value of mass. And the metrology pedant I raised says it should be “61 kg” not “kgs” (never pluralize unit symbols!).

  2. The seafood plate on the back cover is enough to put me off food alrogether. I get that the wriggling pink fingers on the left are supposed to be shrimp, but what are those things on the right?!

    1. The right of the seafood plate? I’m pretty sure that those are supposed to be green beans (steamed, of course). They are extra-low-cal green beans because when they get lumpy like that it’s a sign that they’ve been picked too late and are not worth eating.

  3. Where I live they’re called string beans and they’re not always green. They can also be yellow. My dad grows them in his garden in summer. They’re great when picked while still young and cooked until they’re tender but still firm. But only when you add butter!

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