Teen Depression

when living hurts cover

When Living Hurts

This book is geared to teens facing depression. Because of the age, I would weed this without a second thought. Treatment of depression and other adolescent mental health issues are better understood today. In any material geared to teens and their parents, it is important that this material be as current as possible. Cultural references and technology can age a book very quickly, making it effectively inaccessible to those who need it.

Depression and other mental health problems are not something someone can just suck it up and fix with vitamins, exercise, or positive affirmations. Teens mental health problems are often dismissed as being a normal, moody teen, especially years ago. Be brutal when weeding teen items, especially as they pertain to health matters.


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friend needs help

are you bored or boring

8 messages about alcohol abuse

suicide warning signs

depression helps


  1. If watching more than two hours of TV a day makes you boring, then it’s a wonder almost everyone I know hasn’t put me in a coma.

  2. I thought good ole Doris Sanders had entered the teen market, judging from the awful crayon-scribble cover.

  3. This makes me think of the modern day Karens who are all “Don’t take meds! Just eat organic vegan food, drink water, walk barefoot in the grass, and use my doTerra/Young Living Essential Oils and your schizophrenia will be cured!” And when people say they’d rather just take their scientifically proven medication they get cyberbullied or even sent death threats for being a “Big pharma shill!”

    Don’t just weed it, use it as toilet paper!

    1. “Just think positive!!!” they say through their gleaming veneers.

      “I’m positive you’re an overprivileged idiot,” I think.

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