Teen Dating Again

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The Teen-Ager You’re Dating
Christian view of sex
for girls about boys
for boys about girls

Books about teen love/dating/sex are a staple here at ALB. They usually have the same themes, such as boys are out of control and it’s up to girls to keep them in check, or sexy clothes and makeup send the wrong message to boys. This book is no different. Even those books that are geared to both boys and girls, the message is clear that girls are in charge since the boys are like wild animals. (Totally not their fault. They can’t help it!) Girls must be mindful about their appearance as not to tempt those boys who are facing pressures and urges that girls can’t understand. So, ladies, keep those legs crossed and those collars high.


boys are like streetcars

boy's fight for self control

how to dress for a boy

at the end of the rainbow

what love isn't


  1. It’s definitely dated. But still true too. Girls and women do need to watch how they dress. They shouldn’t wear stuff that’s so provacative.

    1. Wrong. Men need to learn that they don’t need to act on every urge. If a man is capable of not peeing his pants at the merest urge to urinate, he’s also capable of not assaulting every woman who turns him on.

    2. No, everyone else needs to not catcall, not rape, not attack, not harass, not judge, not bodyshame.

  2. No. Men need to learn to behave. Better learn young. Pleading that you can’t control yourself will end in jail or dead. Teach your sons that and we wouldn’t have so many problems. Just the basics, your body belongs to you; my body belongs to me stuff. The women are human beings, not trophies, stuff. Or maybe that teen girls today are more likely to punch boys if they misbehave. Teen parent here.

    1. …although after all that “battering ram” stuff, I guess anybody would have a sensitive forehead, if they were indeed using their head the way the text urges you to. (“LOL. She said ‘urges.’ Huh huh huh”)

    2. And how would one accentuate it?
      Would it be disappointing if you could tell the guy was making eye-contact instead of looking at the forehead you tried so hard to subtly accentuate? What if you can’t tell? Do you fret unless and until he says something?

      “You have lovely eyes.”

  3. I thought “love is blind” was something they tell girls who aren’t very good looking so they don’t just quit.

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