Teen Christmas Fun

The Chrsitmas Tree title pageThe Christmas Tree

Submitter: There’s really nothing wrong with this book, aside from the god-awful pictures and the fact that no 21st century teenager is going to pick this one up when we have newer, more attractive books available. I swear the family in the first picture is in a cult; nothing else could explain that tree!

Holly: Teenagers?  This is a teen book? Wow.  It will probably be snatched up in a used book sale in a hot minute (not by teens…), but there’s not a lot of reason to keep it in a modern library.  If you have unlimited space…nah, I’d still weed it.

family around Christmas tree

The Light of the World

Christmas tree decorations


  1. While the fashions and photographic technologies surely have changed and improved considerably since 1960, I fail to see how Christmas trees have changed that much since then.

    1. Actually there have been changes to Christmas trees since then. There are a large variety of artificial trees available now, as well as changes in ornaments (low energy, more efficient lights, for example). And let’s not forget potentially out-dated business information if it gives suggestions on where to buy trees, ornaments, gifts, etc.

  2. I don’t see where this book says it’s for teens. Maybe submitter’s library had it in the teen section? When I worked in a public library years ago we had this book in the regular collection and it circulated well, but it definitely needs to be replaced by something more up-to-date now.

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