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teen childbirth coverTeen Guide To Childbirth

This is pretty much a basic childbirth manual. It assumes that this teen has all sorts of resources, dutifully gets prenatal care, and has support from family and the baby’s father. There isn’t any judgment about being married or shame cast on the teen mother. Unfortunately, that is about the only thing that is good. The reality is that there is probably 1% of all teen mothers that have the resources and choices in this book.

There are some pretty big questions left unanswered: How will I support myself? Where will I find help with child care? How am I going to pay for a hospital and prenatal care? Even if you can get beyond the outdated information, the couple pictures are just wrong. The first picture has a guy pushing 30 which brings a whole new level of ick to this book.


getting ready for birth

birth and labor

stages of labor

after birth


  1. As I’m on the other side of 30 now, I’m not offended that teens think I’m old. Just depressed the merciless march of time.

  2. Sadly statistics show that most teen moms get pregnant by a man who’s 20+. So the photos of the father in this book are probably the only thing not really out of date.

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