Teen Angst Again

teen esteem coverTeen Esteem
A Self-Direction Manual for Young Adults
Palmer and Froehner

1989 is obviously too old for a modern collection, but I actually LIKED this book. It was generally good advice and gave good definitions of behavior. The message is clear: know what you want and don’t be a doormat.  My favorite part was a discussion on “how do I know I am being manipulated?”  Solid stuff for an average teen and easy to read.  Even though it invoked the “just say no” phrase of the 80s, it at least gave some solid examples of how to say no, and this book actually recognized that saying no was not necessarily going fix anything.

Still, the cover is all 80s looking and not likely to catch the eye of a modern teen.


teen esteem back cover

passive body language

saying no to real questions


  1. Yes, good advice. Maybe the authors or publishers can re-print with an updated cover.

    On a lighter note, I love the drawing of a stomping cowboy boot. Yosemite Sam was having a bad day and took it out on that flower!

  2. That does sound like pretty solid advice. Any ideas for more current, but similarly useful books?

  3. If the content is still useful and the book is in decent shape, why not keep it? You never know what might help someone.

  4. If the cover puts kids off borrowing the book it will just be sitting there taking up shelf space so it makes sense to weed it, especially as there is an updated version. Also, a lot has changed since 1989. For example to be relevan,t an advice book for teens would need to contain information on social networking and cyber bullying. Also these days people are much more aware of the existence and needs of gay teens too. I would imagine a book from 1989 would assume that their readers were heterosexual.

  5. What do the issue stats say? Is it in good condition? If the condition’s OK and the YP are still borrowing it – then its a keeper. If no-one has touched the book in the last 12 months then its book sale time!

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