Teen-Age Vice!

Teen-Age Vice coverTeen-Age Vice (original title: Designs in Scarlet)
1939, revised 1957

How about a read on the hows and whys of teens in trouble? From my brief skim, this book is more about titillation rather than informational. Who wouldn’t want to pick up this book based on the title and the cover art?  Cooper, himself was a bit of a show stopper as a writer and an expert on circuses. (Great, now I have a mashup of True Crime and clowns going on in my head…)

Cooper has detailed accounts of how prison will turn men into homosexuals, and big government projects, like a dam or a bridge, will bring in hookers to a nice town. Major Causes of teen vice? Liquor, premarital sex, masturbation, hanging out in juke joints, and lack of adult supervision. (You know, all the fun stuff.) The consequences are homosexuality, prostitution and drug abuse.

I guess our society is doomed.


Teen-Age Vice back cover

A Man Who Got the Facts

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  1. “Inspired by J. Edgar Hoover”? That puts a whole new spin on JEdgar’s early life!

  2. So basically this book is one big piece of ephebiphobia. Very amusing for a society that is so obsessed with youth and getting so much as a grey hair is the end of your life.

  3. Are automobiles today considered to have tonneaus? Or would that be tonneaux? And wouldn’t a body there be visible to anyone who looked at the vehicle?

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