Tears of a clown

Clowns - coverClowns

Submitter: I found this book in the children’s section of my local library. Each and every page is being held together with tape. There are gross stains and pencil marks all over the book. Yet the library has been keeping this on shelf since 1980.

Holly: Now this is just lazy. When books are being held together with tape and prayer, it really is time to let them go. By all means buy some new clown books – the creepier the better – but there’s no excuse for this taped-up, scribbled-on mess.



Clowns - Here come the clowns

Clowns - Happy clowns

Clowns - Meet the clowns

Clowns - smiling clown

Clowns - clown in striped suit


    1. I think it’s a generational thing. I grew up in the 90s and by then clowns were firmly in the horror category.

      1. So did I, but I still liked clowns. My husband saw a cable-TV showing of IT at an impressionable age, though, and that ruined them for him forever. (As an added bonus, he also saw Poltergeist. And he had that same clown doll from the movie. And after the film, his mom would set the clown doll on his dresser. And he’d hide it in a drawer. And the next time his mom tidied the room, she set the clown doll back on his dresser. Over and over for at least a month. This is terrifying when you’re a kid and you’ve seen movies where clown dolls start moving on their own.)

  1. Massively torn pages? That’s not a kid’s ambivalence! Don’t take the hint, just tape it back to life! It’s baaaaack!

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