Talking Nukes with Kids

Talking to Children About Nuclear WarTalking to Children About Nuclear War
Van Ornum and Van Ornum

Submitter: I found this while weeding the Parent/Teacher collection in my medium-sized public library. This was a topical acquisition about 35 years ago when it was first published, but it’s never circulated as far back as we keep circulation records. Maybe someone will come looking for it in the current political climate, but if they do, I’m sure there’s got to be something out there that doesn’t predate the modern internet.

Holly: I’m sure more parents have had discussions with children about nuclear war in 2017 than in the last 30 years combined! Still, submitter is right. This might have a few useful tips, but we can probably do better for our kids.

Talking to Children About Nuclear War back cover

Talking to Children about Nuclear War

Talking to Children about Nuclear War

Talking to Children about Nuclear War

Talking to Children about Nuclear War

Talking to Children about Nuclear War


  1. Looks like this book came out less than a year after the TV-movie “The Day After” was screened in November, 1983. I recall that generated a lot of conversations about nuclear war among my friends when I was in school.

    1. That movie came out when I was in college, and I remember how people were urged not to view it alone, and to call phone banks if they needed counseling. It was on TV a couple of years ago, and I was struck by how cheesy and quaint it seems by today’s standards.

  2. Nukes are possibly the second reason I hate the human race in general (discrimination would be the first) and I’m close to becoming a complete misanthropist. It’s bad enough that most people are just plain evil or idiotic, but the few who aren’t and tolerate the evilness and idiocy are no better.

  3. They should just have a gun in the back of the book so you can shoot your kids and yourself after reading it.

  4. This book came out the year I was born, and I did a double-take when the submitter called this “about 35 years ago.” Holy crap you guys, I’m nearly 35 years old!!
    And for the record I’m pretty sure my parents never had *the talk* with us about nuclear war.

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