Take the Wrecking Ball to This One

Miley CyrusModern Role Models: Miley Cyrus

Submitter: I think this book is awful because if you compare Miley Cyrus then and now, there is a huge difference and a whole new perspective on her being a “Role Model.” This book was actually in my library’s collection and we weeded it in November of last year. We are a public library in a small town, with a very conservative demographic. We were lucky to catch this and remove it as quickly as possible before a concerned parent brings it to our attention…

Holly: The kids were probably all clamoring for Hannah Montana books back in the day. The show didn’t end until 2011. It was a good choice in 2008, but by the last two seasons of the show she was not exactly conservative small town America’s role model. And now? Well…the rest of her story is more likely to be shelved in adult biographies than juvenile! She is an adult now, and kids today probably don’t even know her as a child star.


  1. One thing I HATE about Miley Cyrus is that, centuries from now, her name might STILL be remembered by the whole world whereas *truly* influential people, like Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, JFK, the great inventor Nikola Tesla, etc. will, in all likelihood, be *completely* forgotten by society!

  2. It also probably doesn’t mention that she’s since come out as pansexual and genderfluid, or the charity work she does for homeless youth, among other things.

    I mean, I’m not her biggest fan, but I’m not gonna judge her for making choices about her body I wouldn’t make for mine, and this is probably pretty outdated on many fronts.

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