Take my wife!

male husbandry cover

Male Husbandry
or Conditioning Your Man to Marriage

If you are in the mood for some throwback humor from the 1950s, here is your opportunity to joke with those poor henpecked husbands. The premise is how to train your husband, since he is nothing but a barely civilized dolt. The author offers wives some helpful “training” tips to get your man in line-mostly through emotional manipulation and subterfuge. Hilarity at its finest. (Insert rim shot)

Since this was plucked from a university collection, I won’t say automatically weed. It might fill some research needs. I am old enough to remember this kind of humor, but this is a poor example and it goes on way too long.


what to expect from men

planned irritants

how to win arguments about money

company family

more money talk


    1. Almost every comedienne on Netflix is still touting this as the bases of their act. The fact that so little has changed as far as the presented perception would indicate this book only needs a more modern cover.

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