Take My Wife, Please!

How to Live with a Neurotic Wife coverHow to live a Neurotic Wife

If you think times haven’t changed, this book might make you feel otherwise. The humor is so old school, I keep hearing Henny Youngman saying “take my wife, please.” Reading this you might think women were vapid, self-centered creatures, hell bent on making a man’s life miserable.  (Gosh! How did he know this? It’s like he sees into my soul!)

Note the artwork as well. Hilarious. My sides are just hurting from all the laughing.


Author and his non-neurotic wife

How to Live with a Neurotic Wife front flap

The neurotic working wife

at home outfits

Russian roulette


  1. I wonder how neurotic she was *before* her marriage! Loved her companion book “How To Find a Second Husband (After Your First One Was Found Chopped Into Small Pieces Inside a Trunk In the Bottom of Lake Michigan)”

  2. This has to be a joke, right? “All working wives are neurotic…”. Um, yeah. Get back in the kitchen, ladies. And don’t be sweeping whilst naked when your “hubs” comes home.

  3. Funny, that gal who’s his trophy wife looks like most of the wives around my town. I’m the one in the curlers- well, sans curlers… Men are from Mars of course…

    1. Yep! Ouch, my siiiides.

      On another note. Things haven’t really changed that much. Misogyny is ever present as long as patriarchy abounds.

  4. One thing I’ve noticed about humor books on this site is that humor doesn’t seem to age particularly well. It isn’t long before people no longer see the joke, and find it dated, lame, confusing, or offensive.

  5. I think this is pretty clearly satire. I would even say it is feminist. It seems to be in direct response to a critique that women entering the workforce would have a negative impact on a happy domestic life.

  6. The author had a series of these ‘how to live with a neurotic…’ books, and yes, they are meant to be satirical. I have How to Live with a Neurotic Dog in my personal collection, but it has aged better than this one.

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