Dowsing cover

Find that Water!

The Beginner’s Handbook of Dowsing

Submitter: Not one but TWO schools in our district weeded this title in December 2014.

Beyond the fact that it is 40 years old, we both wondered: “What the heck? Was there a dowsing club in our small town? Was there a fire sale on dowsing books in the mid seventies, and both the middle and high school librarians decided they just had to round out their fluvial sections with a dowsing book?”

And most entertaining (to me), was that the middle school librarian weeded this title in December and sent me a picture in disbelieve that it was on her shelves. I laughed to myself thinking, “My god, does she never weed? How is this book on the shelves?” And I found the very same book on MY shelves (high school library) only two weeks later. She’s been at that school 3 months. I’ve been at my school 13 years. MY BAD.