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Double your fashion statement

Easy Reversible Vests

If you look back on the books we have posted about sewing and knitting, vests seem to be the fashion accessory. I honestly don’t get it. I love quilts and quilting, I just don’t want to wear one. The only person I can think of that pulled off the vest look was Diane Keaton in Annie Hall.

And yet I bring you another vest book. This time you will really get your money’s worth with the whole reversible thing. If they were actual quilts instead of a “fashion statement” I would be all over the color choices and techniques. I think I am going to say that the quilted vest needs to be retired as a concept. (Right next to the fancy sweatshirts) Make a lovely quilt for the guest room instead.

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Fashion Vests

Shrink Tops
Seven Styles to Crochet and Knit

That lovely vest on the cover reminds me of several (yes, more than one) I wore when I was a teen. They all had that crochet circular design on the front in outrageous color combinations. I never heard them referred to as shrink tops, though. The other sweaters aren’t nearly as bad as the cover. I think these patterns could work today, with some more modern colors and patterns. Sweaters aside, the more interesting look is the shorts/tights combo that the girl on the back cover is wearing. I think the elephant belt buckle really pulls this together.