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The Truth About Fonzie

From the Happy Days Files, here is the definitive work about the Fonz. Happy Days was a family favorite back when I was a teenager. I am sure if you are my age or older you probably did invoke the phrase “sit on it” at some point (teachers and parents being the preferred target). I always have been a fan of Henry Winkler, as an actor, the author of Hank Zipzer book series for kids and as one of my junior high crushes. I would have loved this book if it had been available in 1974, but by the late 70s and the infamous “jump the shark” episode in 1977, Happy Days was quickly starting to fade as a cool show.

Sit on it, everyone,

Super TV Stars

Super TV Stars

Super TV Stars

Submitter: Wow. Why was this book in my library? I understand that teens and preteens enjoy media and like to look at magazines or websites about their favorite stars, but I’m pretty sure none of my students is crushing on William Shatner. Yikes.

Holly: Kids today probably don’t even know what Baretta, the Six Million Dollar Man, and Welcome Back Kotter are. Their loss! TV was so much better in the 70s and 80s…but alas, those days are over. Also, this book is in horrible condition.