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Friday Fiction: It Must Be Magic

It Must Be Magic

The eighties live again in this teen romance. Kerrie, a rather bookish high school junior has a not so secret crush on Mike Price. During the annual “Genie Week”, Kerrie’s friends arrange it so that her “genie” for the week is Mike.  (I am still trying to figure out the educational value of girls getting a high school boy as a genie to do their bidding for an entire week.) Kerrie gets mixed up because it seems that Mike likes her. But is he only doing that because he has to? Kerrie is convinced that no one likes smart girls so she must be completely wrong to expect him to actually like her. She is not one of the cool kids. Of course, hijinks ensue, and I will leave it to you to guess how this ends.


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Insider Secrets About Boys

What Girls Want to Know About Boys
Unger and Berman

Figuring out boys evidently is a topic for the ages. I remember my teenage daughter asking me why they are so stupid and I remember asking my mom the same thing back in the 1970s. So, here are all the questions you want to ask. Too bad a good chunk of the answers are pretty awful. In this book you can learn:

  • boys are much more emotionally “controlled” than girls
  • boys are aroused by just about anything and girls often don’t even know they are being “provocative”
  • boys are much more in touch with “reality” than girls because they will eventually have to support a family
  • boys need girls to hold them in check, sexually
  • boys like girls to be well groomed and have manners
  • boys think being feminine is the same as being helpless, and girls take advantage of that
Girl's Guide to Menstruation

Not your Mama’s Period

Girls Guide to Menstruation

Actually this might be your Mom’s period book. First, I am trying to figure out what is with this cover. Is it modern art or looking up in a forest? Is it symbolic?  So, what does it all mean?  Second, do I really need to reiterate how health information needs to be updated? Still not convinced? Take a look at the old school sanitary napkins. Try to imagine handing this to a pre-teen in 2012. I also appreciate the advice of a hot shower and perfume for pre-menstrual “tension”.  Just try and feel pretty and all your problems will go away.

Just so everyone can put this in perspective, the intended audience in 1975 is probably heading into menopause in 2012.