Children in Distress cover

Children in Distress

Children in Distress
Clegg and Megson

Submitter: This book may have been a good choice back in 1979- maybe in England – but today the information is totally out of date. The financial information is in British Pounds and not very helpful to the American library where this book was found.
What really makes this awful is this yellowed, brittle, and out of date book was sent to the bindery recently instead of getting weeded!

Holly: I’m sure it was fine…in England…in 1979…but it’s weed-worthy now for sure! Not just weed-worthy, actually, but never really suited to an American public library in the first place. This item was selected, acquired, cataloged, processed, shelved, and possibly even checked out by patrons expecting something more relevant before it was weeded OVER 40 YEARS LATER! Remember, collection management isn’t just selection and weeding. Every stage I just mentioned was an opportunity for someone – anyone, in possibly multiple departments – to question its validity.

Street Kids title page

Street Kids

Street Kids

Submitter: This book is a time capsule and not in a good way. Being 50 years old, it is no longer helpful to the subject. Maybe in a research library it might have some worth. This book is a classic case of a white man going into the inner city to save the kids he believes need to be saved. He lets four kids give their first hand account of their lives and that’s about all that was interesting. Finally, the police passage could have been written today…

Holly: Public libraries: please do better for your patrons. This helps no one.