Better Sex Naturally cover

Better Sex Naturally

Submitter: I tend to browse the non-fiction of my local library and always seem to find something interesting. I did the self-checkout but I’m pretty sure when I return it and they are checking it back into the system they will be curious to know who the patron was. I guess that’s one of the perks of the job? I agree it probably has its place in a public library, I just didn’t expect my small town library to have this in their collection. I actually flipped through it […] and there are specific chapters for men and women. The [last] picture was submitted because of the dog-eared page. I’m guessing someone wanted to circle back to that section?

sex and pregnancy

Have a Sexy Pregnancy

Making Love During Pregnancy
Bing and Coleman

This book is the pregnancy version of the Joy of Sex originally published back in 1972. I couldn’t put in the illustrations since they were pretty graphic. In addition, they were penciled so light that you had to look carefully to see what was going on. (Maybe that was the point.)

I did include a couple of absolutely ridiculous charts that attempted to graph desire. Big surprise: some couples feel good about sex while pregnant and others not so much. I spent most of my pregnancies barfing, so feeling sexy wasn’t particularly front and center in my brain.

No Petting Allowed!

Life and Love
A Christian View of Sex

Sex advice books from yesteryear are always fun.  I think the old fashioned language used is interesting and probably dates a book more than the information contained. I think petting as a term was out of fashioned by the 1970s. Petting was a term my mother used.

Otherwise, some advice includes moving on to another “activity” when the urges become too much. (I would imagine some clarification on “another activity” is probably a good idea.) You can also buy the young lady a present. (I am not quite sure how a present works in this scenario.)