Gods Handiwork cover

God’s Handiwork

If I’m God’s Handiwork, Would Someone Please Explain These Thighs!: Discovering Your Unique Destiny

Submitter: I work at a public library in a small city in NC. We found this book from 2002 during a recent sweep. I think it’s a good example for your blog because of the outdated humor both in the title and within the work, as well as the outdated design of the cover and call outs within. The book never had particularly good circulation numbers and probably should have been weeded a decade ago.

Holly: I know it doesn’t seem like that long ago, but 2002 was 21 years ago. Let it gooooo!

how to beat the blahs cover

Beat the Blahs

How To Beat The Blahs

So, the Blahs are hovering around and making you sad, bored, unloved, inferior, etc. My teen brain remembers that word being used to mostly refer to boredom. This isn’t the first time the “Blahs” have appeared on ALB. We featured a self help book that suggested things like having an affair or adopting a child as a solution. In another book we featured, “Blahs” was used as another term for depression. Again, the advice was pretty unhelpful and all these ladies needed to do was to suck it up. Today’s post addresses the Christian with the blahs. Short answer is God still loves and cares about you. As a Christian devotional, this isn’t a bad book. It is more a gentle reminder of gratitude and grace. Honestly, this book could work in 2018 with a different title and some updating.

Beautiful For Thee cover

Obey your man and God will love you more!

Beautiful for Thee
Outstanding Messages given at Sword of Jubilees for Women
Sword of Lord Publishers

Ladies! Here is your inspiration to be the very best woman you can be! Dressing nicely and keeping your house clean will make your man, and God, love you all the more. Stay away from those sad feminists! They are going to be distracting you with all that talk of “doing your own thing” and equal rights. Remember, Jesus loves ladies that know “their place.”