self protection for women

Groovy Self Defense

Self-Protection Guidebook for Girls and Women
Neff and Reid

Submitter: Okay, so this is a pretty serious subject. But it is SO hard to take it seriously, when these pictures are so hilarious! This girl looks like she’s possessed with man-hatred, and the guy looks like a total wimp. Plus, they’re both wearing high waist bell bottoms. Self protection can be GROOVY! Awesome. One of our staff joked “….self-defense in case you’re attacked by a Bee Gee!”

Holly: The cover looks more like they’re disco dancing than fighting.

Self Defense for Girls

Girls that kick butt

Self-Defense For Girls: A Secondary School and College Manual
Tegner & McGrath

Submitter: Maybe not the most awful book, but the pictures are horribly outdated and I would feel embarrassed pulling it for a patron.  Unless of course that patron was planning to have a rumble with the Jets and the Sharks.  The author also offers this rather bitter sounding advice concerning the illusion of women kicking butt on tv shows: “Sad to say, the fights bear as little relationship to actual life as do the love scenes.  Look not to the screen for guidance, girls.”

Looking Forward to Being Attacked

Fun with Crime

Looking Forward to Being Attacked

Submitter: Talk about putting a positive light on something bad, Looking Forward to Being Attacked was written by Lt. Jim Bullard from the Memphis Police Department. It was published in 1977. I included the table of contents to demonstrate how Lt. Bullard just oozes optimism.

Holly: Looks like a great book with a weird approach and title. No one looks forward to being attacked, even if they are a master at self-defense. Oh, I get it! He is being clever. This was re-released in 1987. With cell phones and car alarms, I think self-defense books in public libraries should be more up to date than this. Please weed!