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Naked in Cyberspace!

Naked in Cyberspace

If this was 2001, I would be begging for this book! I was pretty new at librarianship and still figuring out the potential of databases and finding info. This was really for those folks doing background checks and competitive intelligence, but I would have loved to have something like this book on the desk with me in the early 2000s. Of course this book was out dated before too long. I have even tried to poke around to some of the websites and many are still good, but most are dead links or have been moved/combined into other sites.

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Creative Reference Interview

The Reference Interview As A Creative Art
Jennerich and Jennerich

As it is National Library Week, it is time to do some professional development. Let’s start with improving our reference interview techniques. Are they creative enough? This is the book for you.

For the most part this is standard stuff we learned in library school. If you are old enough, this could have been one of your old texts from library school. However, if you had this in a professional librarian collection, I don’t think anyone would find it helpful. By the way this was weeded from a public library pro collection. (In actuality, I bet someone dumped a textbook from library school into the collection and I’m willing to bet after the cataloger put it in the collection, it never moved until it was weeded in 2019.

Reference Books

Reference Rewind

More Misinformation

A Dictionary of Common Fallacies

Submitter: I thought I’d include these two books together as they’re very similar. Their design alone seems rather awful and I’m not sure how they would be used as reference materials – which, to be fair, probably isn’t the intention, despite the word “dictionary” in the title of one – given the awkwardly phrased subject headings. They’re also a bit tonally uneven in their scope – one entry quibbles that “black beetles” are actually “dark brown,” while an entry on the opposite page takes on a question that has fueled countless wars and atrocities.