sandwich recipes

Sandwiches from Hell

500 Tasty Sandwich Recipes
Berolzheimer, ed.

Forget Jimmy Johns or Subway. This cookbook has the sandwich answer! Provided you have the guts to read on. The recipes look weird and were probably all the rage in the early 50s. Sadly, the interior pictures are all black and white. Our typical 50s favorites are here: weird loaf slices, green olives as garnish, crusts cut off and all sorts of other ways of making sandwiches “fancy”. All I can say is Yikes! I think we have another entry for the Gallery of Regrettable Food.

Recipes from the East

Recipes from the East

Recipes from the East

Submitter: I told my principal this morning that if he ever hears someone tell me “Oh, I know Exactly what kind of books you’d like,” he should kick me under the table.

Holly: That is the most awful cover I’ve ever seen. The real question is, how did something spiral bound last 55 years?!

Rapper's Delights

Rapper Recipes

Rapper’s Delights: African-American Cookin’ with Soul Al Pereira 1998 Submitter: This is a cook book compiled of recipes from rappers of the eighties and nineties. It includes such delectable culinary fare as, “Flava Flav’s Rice Pilaf.” Ingredients: A bag of