How to Eat Like a Republican cover

Republican Cooking

How to Eat Like a Republican: Or, Hold the Mayo, Muffy – I’m Feeling Miracle Whipped Tonight

Submitter: This book was just weeded at my public library. It was weeded for low checkouts and there’s a reason why. It’s trying too hard to be funny and the recipes don’t look good at all.

Holly: I bet if you replaced “Republican” with any other group of people, political or not, you’d get the same basic recipes submitted. It’s definitely tongue-in-cheek, and I bet there are libraries where this kind of thing circulates well. I agree that the recipes look kind of dumb. For me, that’s actually what makes it funny! Some of the reviews on GoodReads are pretty funny too.


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When Holly and I do a road show, this book remains one of our examples of a weeding candidate. Politics can do strange things to a collection. I remember when we bought this book and it was a hot item for about 15 minutes. By the time the election was over, no one cared and this book languished on the shelf, never to move again. We could have weeded right after the election, but we waited to see if there were any takers. As we head into an election year, it is time to keep an eye on those political books that are merely a flash in the pan.