where is daddy cover

Where is Daddy?

Where is Daddy?
The Story of a Divorce

I will be honest in saying that these types of books (I will call them “fix your problems with a story”) are a bit problematic for me. Yes, I understand that many of these books have therapeutic value. However, they need to be updated and revised to reflect the changes in society. I also want these books to stand on their own as good stories, not just a vehicle to send a message.

danger book cover

Danger for Kids

A Child’s book about handling fear, dangerous things, places, and situations

We have featured this author in the past, and I had not run across one of these in ages. She is nowhere near the weirdness of Doris, but all of hers could be weeded because they are just dated. Like Doris, these books are supposed to address children’s problems and fears. This time it is danger. (Too bad this book didn’t cover global pandemics.) She has also written on gender, money management, and health. (Be sure to see the page on Dad throwing up!) I know there are a lot of these books floating around.

why can't you stay home with me?

Mom’s Fun Job

Why Can’t You Stay Home With Me?
A Book About Working Mothers

I know what the authors and publishers were trying to accomplish with books about working moms.  Reading it now, it just comes off as tone deaf. Mr and Mrs Privileged have a nice house and both parents have jobs. Throughout the book it is implied that Mrs Privileged works to give the family nice things. It is never about Mrs Privileged providing for her family. Dad’s family obligations aren’t even discussed. But look, he is helping out at breakfast time, so he must be a good guy. Unfortunately, the result of this book is that Dad is still the provider and doesn’t have to do too many childcare or household chores. Mom is still in charge of the household and this job is really just a side hustle for her “real” work. But its okay, kid. You get to eat out more and go on vacation.  Weed it and don’t look back.