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Let’s Meet!

When You Preside

Another book about holding a meeting. This one is directed at the leaders of meetings and talks about organization and how to formalize the process. Fine. Although the old standby of Robert’s Rules of Order will work too.

This book adds a nice section on the type of personalities that inhabit meetings. It’s supposed to be clever, but the cartoon illustrations are not that great. Having attended meetings my entire adult life, I don’t think any book will fix meetings. I know that library meetings are a special kind of hell and seem to be a significant time suck.

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Motion to make bar service mandatory at meetings

The First Book of
How to Run a Meeting

I am not kidding.  Oh, where do I start with this one? Physically, the book is in perfect shape.  That’s probably because no one ever checked it out. (There’s a big surprise.) The illustrations are just awful and so dated.  I am quite certain the information is probably okay (has the world of Robert’s Rules changed very much?), but the text is pretty dense and I can’t remember ever attending a meeting (especially as a kid) that embraced committees, sub-committees, by-laws, etc as in-depth as this book suggests.  In fact if any club in my school had operated as fanatically as this book , I would have immediately dropped the club and moved on to something else.