The Pantyhose Craft Book

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The Pantyhose Craft Book
Laury and Aiken

Submitted by Sarah C. in a public library in suburban Wisconsin (outed with permission!): A circ worker brought this book to my attention and I promptly weeded it from our collection. I find the life-sized and nude dolls to be especially disturbing. Also, the ladies with the pantyhose bikinis just look like they are wearing pantyhose on their boobs. Weird. Unfortunately, there is still another library in our system that has it on the shelf!

Pantyhose Crafts

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Submitter: “We were fascinated by the full-sized hammock constructed of pantyhose and plastic six-pack rings, and thought it would make a great staff development day team-building activity to make one ourselves. Alas…..”

Holly: Once, again, here’s a really cool find!  There’s not a single thing “wrong” with this book.  The copy I got a hold of is in great physical shape.  There are definitely people who would be interested in making crafts out of just about anything…including pantyhose.  Every library and community is different.