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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

As a mother (retired), I am totally okay with Mother’s day. (Actually, I am okay with anything that nets me a present or two.) This book gives us an overview of Mother’s day in the US and other countries. Not too bad, but somewhat boring. Then I got to the page about Mother’s Day in Yugoslavia, now Serbia. Evidently, Mom gets tied up by her kids. Really. Before you jump to any weird conclusions, I searched for some verification.

Mother’s Day is celebrated before Christmas as part of the Serbian Orthodox tradition. Mother’s Day is celebrated along with Father’s Day and a Children’s day as part of preparation for Christmas. These holidays are about remembrance and tying the past with the present. (This info is from the Serbian Orthodox Church Diocese of Eastern America and St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Church)

Good Things for Mothers Day - cover

Good Things for Mother’s Day

Good Things for Mother’s Day

Submitter:¬†Yes, 1952 & it’s still on the shelves in 2012. My friend said that a senior librarian told her this hadn’t been weeded long ago because “there’s nothing to replace it.” Thank god there isn’t! From the Betty Crocker-esque checked cover and the graphic of the mother with a crown, high collar, and scepter…OMG. (Please see scans of front and back covers.)

Inside is much, much worse. Apparently, Miss Casey loved the idea of Mother’s Day “lively plays and dialogues, recitations,