focus on marijuana

Focus on Mary Jane

Focus on Marijuana

I think a lot of folks would like to focus on marijuana. Since legalization (or decriminalizing) seems to be a trend, maybe an updated book is needed. There is also a statement about marijuana as a gateway drug. From what I can tell, this is still a debate from the scientific community. There is also no recognition of the on going research into the benefits of marijuana such as chronic pain, anxiety, and epilepsy.

I really don’t have an opinion on the benefits since my experience is limited to a shared joint in 1981. I was more worried about getting the munchies and killing any ambition to keep my ass from expanding any further.

These types of books kind of bother me. They have more of an agenda than about real information. I have had many a teen and preteen that must do a “drug report”. More than once I have had a teen question me on why marijuana is “worse” aka illegal than alcohol. Gotta say my favorite questions are ones where the teens call b.s. and ask me to help them get better resources so they make a case.

Marijuana cover

Mary Jane


Submitter: This book comes from our public library system. Some of the photos look even old for a book from 1999. Laws on Marijuana have changed drastically, and it’s also possible that resources in the back are no longer  current.

Holly: There’s been a sudden influx of drug books submitted to ALB. Thank you, everyone, for weeding the weed books. I never knew doobies were orange. Were/are colored rolling papers a thing? I agree with submitter that the pictures in this thing look more 80s than 90s.