Don't slurp your soup

Table Manners for the Kids

What to do when your Mom or Dad says …
Don’t Slurp Your Soup!

We have a lot of old Joy Berry books here at ALB. Her stuff from the 1980s is dated and I just don’t like the illustrations. However, her books are popular with kids. Rather, I should say they were popular with kids 30 years ago. I guess if it works for your library, then more power to you.

I will just throw some caution out there that since many of the topics are sensitive for both adults and kids, these books should be evaluated regularly. Language from even 20 years ago might be considered inappropriate in 2022.

This one is about table manners. Frankly, plenty of adults and kids would do well to review basic manners. Will a book make a difference? Probably not.

cover of what to do

Old fashioned Manners

What to do
Everyday guides for everyone
Bendick and Warren

This one looks a bit sad. Highlighting and a few damaged pages make this weed worthy. I am happy to report that this book was sent to the bindery so the ugly cover is in pretty good shape. Those old bindery covers could probably withstand a nuclear explosion. That said, I think 1967 etiquette rules are probably due for some updating.

The phone advice is comically out of date. We are still over a decade from even having portable phones, let alone smart phones. Individual phones were just not a concept. In my high school, if you had more than one extension in your home, you were living the good life. I am also surprised there wasn’t a comment about calling “late” or tying up the phone by talking too long. This was a HUGE issue when I was a teen. If any of my friends called past 10 pm, I was in trouble!

Emily Post cover

How Rude!

The New Emily Post’s Etiquette: The Blue Book of Social Usage

This is a cool book from a nostalgia point of view.  I enjoyed leafing through it (until my lungs exploded from dust and mold spores, that is.)  However, the school library this came from is not really the place for it anymore.  Kids aren’t interested, and teachers can’t teach from it because it’s so horribly old fashioned.
Check out these excerpts:

  • A governess? When was the last time people used that term? And, wow, that would NOT have been the job for me in 1959 if those were the expectations.
  • Trousseau.No one has a trousseau. They just load up on expensive crap on their wedding gift registry. I have been married since 1996, and I still don’t own half of this stuff. 8 sheets for each bed? 2 blanket covers made of “washable silk or fine cotton”? Nope.
  • “Paying a visit to a lady who has no maid.” Ha ha ha ha ha!! When I go to Mary’s house, she always says it’s the maid’s day off. She’s never invited me onto her “veranda,” though. How rude!